Third Eye Investigations Team

The Third Eye Investigations Team: Susan Ashton and Grant Coward

Grant Coward

Has a long and distinguished career as an investigator having been a front line Police Officer for over 28 years and a Detective for 25 years the last 13 years as Detective Senior Sergeant responsible for solving serious crimes in the New Plymouth Policing area. Involved in over 80 Homicide Investigations and in-charge of 42. None of which are unsolved. Experienced in conflict negotiation having been a lead negotiator for ten years and experienced in governance and adjudications.

Susan Ashton

Has a career of 22 years in the New Zealand Police. Five years frontline and the following 17 years with the Criminal Investigation Branch investigating serious crime including Child Abuse, Sexual and Physical Assault, Fraud, Arson, Homicides, Theft, Burglary and Serious Drug Offending. Trained and experienced in child and adult interviews. Along with sixteen years attached to the Police Negotiating team.



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